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Australian Digital Collections

Australian Digital Collections (ADC)

The Australian Digital Collections (ADC) site was created in 1997. It was a corpora of nine collections that could be searched as one or separately. These were previously part of the SETIS (Sydney Electronic Text and Image Service) collections. The texts were encoded according to the TEI5 Text Encoding Initiative's guidelines for text encoding and interchange. In 2010, the Library adopted the eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) for collection search and presentation. 

The content of ADC was migrated to Digital Collections and to Sydney University Press in 2022 and 2023.

One of the collections is the Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project at the National Library of Australia, which was a pilot project to develop a digital library of Australian journals, newspapers and novels published in the period 1840-1845. The University of Sydney Library hosts the four novels included within that project. 

ADC items went on to be re-used in individual research projects, as part of semantic corpora (such Dictionary of Sydney, AustLit etc), as part of other scholarly editing projects, or for re-publishing through Sydney University Press (See: Research Digitisation Materials, 2018, for more information). 

Versions of other images, data, and grey literature collections were also a part of ADC prior to becoming independent websites.



  • Dr. Creagh Cole (Coordinator of the Sydney Electronic Text and Image Service)
  • Conal Tuohy (TEI)
  • Gaith Bader (CSS and HTML)
  • Rebecca Goldsworthy (graphic design)
  • Rowan Brownlee (technical development using XSLT and JSP)
  • Ross Coleman
  • Alan Light (Vicnet and Project Gutenberg)
  • Chris Floyd (WA)

Institutional contributors

  • Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project 1840-45
  • Macquarie Dictionary Ozcorp Database
  • Scholarly Editions Centre at the Australian Defence Forces Academy, Canberra.
  • State Library of New South Wales
  • Vicnet Ozlit Web Site at the Victorian State Library
  • Scholars Centre, University of Western Australia
  • AustLit: The Resource for Australian Literature

Additional acknowledgements

  • Digital reproduction of the works of Robert Garran was undertaken with the permission of Mrs Win Garran, Deakin, ACT.
  • Permission to reproduce items in Classic Texts in Australian and International Taxation Law was given by Marion Parsons and the Law Book Company (now part of the Thomson Reuters Group) for the Parsons text and by the Commonwealth of Australia for the Asprey Report.
  • The John Anderson Archive were created in accordance with the terms of the Alexander John Anderson bequest for private research and study only. They form part of the overall publication project initiated by the bequest and are held in copyright.


  • Australian Federation Full text database was funded by the NSW Centenary of Federation in 2001
  • Australian poets. Brennan, Harford, Slessor was funded by a grant from the Australia Council for the Arts
  • Classic Texts in Australian and International Taxation Law was created using funding from the Australian Research Council through a Research Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Grant
  • The John Anderson Archive was created with support from the Alexander John Anderson bequest


The Australian Digital Collections archive can be found on the Wayback Machine.


Coleman, R, Ventress, A. (1997). The Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project 1840-45-Progress Report. LASIE: Library Automated Systems Information Exchange, 28(1), 46-50.